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Delivery Methods You have options! All services are customized and personalized to fit your exact needs and precise goals. Call to strategize the best option for you!  Contact Deborah Now

VIP Day/s: When you are looking for a fast, intensive personalized ClearEDGE Mental Toughness Game Plan – NOW!

Personal, Private, Confidential Coaching: As a VIP Client you have Deborah’s full attention during your one-on-one coaching calls. Quickly assess your needs, learn the tools that fit your specific Mental Toughness needs, implement and be held accountable for the results.

Group Training or Workshops: Groups, teams and organizations can grow as a group. Learn and grow together for optimum results. Live coaching, mental discipline tools and group support.

Teleclasses: it’s convenient and effective. You, along with your people, can learn from the convenience of your home or office. Learning is layered from one week to the next, so you have the opportunity to learn, implement, ask questions, and learn some more.

Athletes   –   Agents
Dare to be “The One!” Develop your ClearEDGE that pulls you ahead of the competition. Imagine your knowledge, desire and talent plus the cutting-edge mental toughness training to maximize any situation, even under extreme pressure.

Protect Your Status
Athlete in Crisis: You felt invincible and now everything has changed! What just happened? You’ve been pushed, pulled and prodded in all directions. Now you’ve lost control, exploded and let the anger take over. You feel embarrassed, ashamed and just want to get back to normal. It’s all too distracting for you and your team. We will take immediate and effective action to get you back in the game, mentally tough and focused on what’s important,winning!

Protect Your Career and Your Legacy

Teams – Associations – Leagues
Don’t Risk Your Athlete’s Future. Mentally Prepare Them For Greatness No matter how talented or skilled, it only takes one thought, bad call, missed play or slump to bring your athlete’s winning performance to a screeching halt, along with your win / loss record. Get them what they need most. The mental toughness to quickly recover, stay focused and build confidence.

Protect Your Investment

Who Supports You as You Support Your Athlete? Your athlete depends on you to get them through the tough times. During their darkest moments you listen, care and lift them up. When they celebrate their greatest achievements, you are the first one they look for.  What about you? Discover how mental discipline can decrease your stress, increase your effectiveness and clear up your thinking.

Protect What’s Important

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