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Risk Taker

Simply Existing is for Sissies!

Facing fears and having fun are key elements to Deborah’s success and balanced lifestyle.

When friends asked, “Why do you want to get into the water with great white sharks? Haven’t you seen the movie Jaws?” Deborah responded, “Because I haven’t done it before!”

It is that simple. This philosophy has defined every step of her career and life. Deborah states, “As soon I conquer something, it’s time to try something else, or something greater. Simply existing is for sissies! There really is zero benefit to staying stagnant.”

With a love for travel and strong desire to experience her life fully, here are a few of Deborah’s adventures: driving a NASCAR style racecar at over 124 miles per hour; cage diving with fourteen foot great white sharks; ballooning over migrations in Africa; kayaking rapids on the Salt River; hill jumping motorcycles; snowmobiling and coming face-to-face with the wildlife in Africa; and much more to come!

Deborah is no stranger to adventure. She has had some amazing experiences that she draws from in her work.

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