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2-Mindsets That Will Make or Break Your Game Winning Performance

Everybody talks about mindset, but very few really know what it means. You’ve probably heard that the key to success is a ‘winning mindset.’ That’s not true.

The fact is you need two very different mindsets to get ahead, stay ahead and ultimately win consistently. I’m talking about a Training Mindset and a Playing Mindset. Each is very different from the other.

Training Mindset
The training mindset is very analytical. It figures stuff out. You use this mindset during practice, strength and conditioning training and during your technical skills drills. Checkout the following.

5-Key Steps of a Training Mindset.
1. Get Clear: Get very clear on the unique details of your sport and your position. The ones that are necessary to outsmart and outplay your competition. For example:
– How can you perform faster, quicker and with greater speed?
– What will it take for you to improved balance or have better foot placement?
– How specific techniques will help you stay calm and confident more consistently?
– Exactly what strength and conditioning techniques are necessary to up your game?
– You get the picture. Name the details that are important to you and your sport.

2. Take Action: Once you are clear on what you need to perform at your ultimate best, now it’s time to take action. It’s time to practice and train.

3. Analyze: Without any criticism or judgment analyze your actions, techniques and training skills.
– Compare Step 1: Get Clear to Step 2: The Action You Took
– In what area do you need to improve? Even the smallest of improvements can make a huge difference in your results. When you know the answers, then you can up your game and up your consistency.

4. Adjust: Make a plan to adjust your performance and your results.
– Include exactly and specifically what it will take for you to make the adjustments to your performance.
– Be sure to include the ways you will upgrade your: technique; power; confidence; clear-thinking; and strength.
– Knowing and naming these details is very important to getting more of what you want.

5. Act Again: Now it’s time to work your plan and act again. Upgrade what you do and how you do it. Remember, you are still in a Training Mindset. You are working things out and making improvements.
– It’s not about how many reps you do. It’s all about how many reps you do right!

Playing Mindset
In your playing mindset, thinking is overrated. When you strategize a shot or play, you need to think. Then, stop thinking and play with your instincts.

1. Instincts: Why instincts? Because when you play by instinct your can think faster and with greater clarity. Your body remembers what it’s supposed to do and responds accordingly.

2. Trust: You trust yourself, your talent and your skills.

3. Expectations: You expect to play well and to be at your competitive best moment-to-moment. You expect to win.

4. Zone: You can easily and quickly get into “The Zone” where you will block out your negative thoughts, the fans and any other distractions. You are focused!

5. Evidence and Earned: You remember all of the times you’ve performed so well in the past. You realize that you have that you earned the right to be here, because of the hard work, dedication and commitment you have … first to your SELF and then to your team and sport.

Knowing these two mindsets and practicing them at the right time will catapult your performance and give you the EDGE that all great athletes look for … so you can outperform and outlast your competition!

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Three Steps to Breaking Your Addiction to Average

In my experience, very few people have the guts, determination, discipline or commitment to breakout of average and into excellence… even when their average ways of thinking and behaving create results that they don’t like or want. They would rather complain, make up excuses and even suffer the consequences of their addiction to average. It kind of makes sense, right? Average is safe. Average is comfortable.

Average SUCKS! It sucks up your money, your motivation, your intelligence and your dreams for greater success. Bottom line … Average is for sissies!

Becoming addicted to average is simple. In fact, it’s a three-part formula.
1. Average thoughts equal average behaviors.
2. Average behaviors lead to average results.
3. Average results are followed by average (sometimes catastrophic) consequences.

Who is left to deal with — and live with — those consequences? That’s all on YOU baby!

We all like feeling safe and comfortable. Doing the same thing over and over again feels right and normal, even when we suffer with the results or consequences. We do it anyway. That’s an addictive pattern. Just like eating too much, smoking when you know it’s bad for you or backing down during a negotiation when you know you’re right.

These average and addictive patterns of behavior play out in your business and personal life. They become your default; your ‘go to’ way of thinking and behaving. They keep you stuck in average. They cause you to feel frustrated, angry, overwhelmed and disappointed.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can stop your addiction to average and start pursuing excellence.

Here’s the deal. We’re all guilty of being average in various areas of our lives. I’m barely average in my cooking skills. I don’t care. Not a big deal to me. Now, if I were a chef at a restaurant the fact that I’m an average cook would be a huge problem. My average talent and skills would make me expendable. Eventually I would lose my job and the respect of my peers. My reputation as a chef within the industry would be ruined, my self-doubt would creep in and take over my thoughts, and my confidence would be at an all-time low. That’s not a pretty picture.

Knowing your areas of average is critical to your growth and sustainable success. It’s critical to making top money, having greater recognition and earning the respect you deserve. You can’t get ahead being average. Blending in and fitting in with the crowd feels safe, but it is a disaster for growing your business.

To break out of average and into excellence you have start making bold decisions and taking ballsy actions. When you do, the rewards are amazing.

The first step in breaking your addiction to average is to admit you have areas where you are thinking average, acting average and having average results. So, time to get raw and real. The best way to find these areas of average is to answer these 7 questions:

1. What do you complain about most often and repeatedly?
2. What do you dream about, but have never accomplished?
3. What business-building projects or responsibilities have you been
putting off and worrying about?
4. What really ticks you off?
5. What situations, people and conversations are you avoiding?
6. Where are you putting up with pain or denying yourself the pleasure of having what you really want?
7. What do you feel you’ve been missing out on?

It takes courage just to admit yours areas of average. Keep in mind we all have them. Why not get them up on the table so you can do something about them? This is the time to be bold and gutsy. You heard me! Be completely honest with yourself when you answer the questions.

Great job! Now look at your list and determine what areas of average actually matter. Just like the example of me being an average cook doesn’t really matter. When you look over your list of answers, checkmark the areas of average that are having a negative effect on your income, your confidence, your courage, your career advancement, your performance, your self-worth, your reputation or your business and personal relationships.

Circle the areas that most need your attention; the ones that actually matter to you. Now go back and look at each of the answers that you circled. Take them one at a time. Which one is your greatest priority? Focus on it first.

Remember the three-part formula for becoming addicted to average? Now you’re going to reverse it to gain consistent success in your pursuit of excellence. How can you challenge yourself in that area? What would you have to be thinking to be in your power? Have confidence in your actions? Feel the courage to take the first step?

1.Powerful and daring thoughts equal bold and ballsy behaviors.
2.Bold and ballsy behaviors lead to extraordinary results.
3.Extraordinary results are followed by consequences that will accelerate you, your business and your personal life.

Take action. Nothing will change until you take action. Average SUCKS! Staying stuck in average is an addiction to your past ways of thinking and behaving. Why would anyone want to stay stuck in average?

YOU have been given a choice. What you do with that choice is up to you … and so are the consequences! Choose wisely! Take bold and ballsy action. You’ve Got This!

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Stress is Your Enemy

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UP YOURS! What are YOU doing to UP YOUR GAME in 2012?

Up Yours!
What are YOU doing to UP YOUR GAME in 2012? Check out this plan …

2011 was fun – if you like screaming at the top of your lungs, knots in the pit of your stomach and wishing you could just throw-up so you could get over that queasy nauseous feeling of stress
and frustration. I’m choosing to get off the roller coaster this New Year!

So what’s going to make 2012 any different? One thing I know for sure, the only thing I truly have any control over is ME. Being a reasonable and rational thinker, I have deduced I need to
up my game if I expect my 2012 to be robust, prosperous and full of opportunity that I act on. So here goes. This is no time for playing small, shrinking back or making excuses. I choose to compound the upgrades I make in my life, like interest compounds on investments (remember the good ole’ days)?

So here’s my plan. Daily I will make upgrades in the way I live my life – my thinking, feelings,
beliefs and actions. AND I will make note of these changes. What a concept! Now, here’s the
compounding part. I’ve started a list, as of this morning, and it’s hanging on my refrigerator.
Every day I will notice and document at least three areas of my life where I’ve either: upgraded
my thinking, feelings, beliefs or actions; stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed my own
boundaries; or simply changed my routine and broken the pattern of doing the same old things in
the same old way at the same old time.

IMPORTANT – Each day I will read what I’ve accomplished and then fill myself with gratitude
and awe at my continuous growth. I will REALLY take in every upgrade, big and small. Just like
that investment, when you leave your investment IN … it compounds and then compounds

When January 1, 2013 rolls around – I predict that I am grateful that I have:

1. Leveraged my strengths and accelerated my performance
2. Navigated through uncertainty by trusting myself and my intuition
3. Enjoyed experiences and opportunities that exceeded my expectations … then I acted on
them with excitement
4. Fully expressed my genius and applauded others as they stepped into and expressed theirs
5. Found new ways to expand my mind, my heart and my circle of influence
6. Been me … no apologies or excuses!
7. Remained fluid, open and adaptable to possibilities
8. Caught and called myself on my own “BS” – then quickly focused on what really
9. Cultivated new friendships and enthusiastically expanded existing ones
10. Remained in constant gratitude!

That’s my plan … and I’m sticking to it!
I’ve Upped My Game! What are you going to do to “Up Yours?”

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Improving Mental Conditioning for Football Kickers, Punters and Snappers

Football players, especially make-or-break field goal kickers along with punters and snappers probably have one of the highest stress jobs in sports. Imagine: once a kicker enters a game, he is expected to hit it squarely through the uprights. Every time, only getting one chance. Imagine if your job was like that – jump into a meeting, say the absolute right words, and create a new sales deal. Stressful, right?  

Now, pro and college-level football kickers, punters and snappers have an elite consulting team to help them master the physical and mental conditioning aspects of their game. Top football kicking coach specialist and former NFL Special Teams Coordinator Coach Gary Zauner and ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree announce that they have aligned their service offerings to bring top-level consulting and coaching to college-level and pro-level football kickers, punters, snappers and special teams players.  

This new alliance combines Coach Zauner’s recognized excellence in the physical aspects of football kicking specialists, with Deborah Dubree’s keen mastery and practical application of neuroscience, NLP training, human behavior and focused mental conditioning to special teams athletes. Together, their services will give football special teams players a sharper competitive edge to help them bridge the gap between winning and losing.  

Read more about Deborah Dubree’s and Coach Zauner’s work for football kickers, punters and snappers at their website.  

Deborah Dubree and Coach Zauner in the news:

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