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BIG BREAK contestant and pro golfer Andy Walker Conditions His Mind And Emotions With ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree Prior to Facing His Competition. ‘The Players DevelopMENTAL Academy’’

PHOENIX – Sept. 14, 2011 – When professional golfer Andy Walker was facing the most important competition of his life, he called on ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree, president of ClearEDGE™, to help him prepare for the Golf Channel’s – “Big Break Ireland” reality show, utilizing her signature E-magination™ techniques combining imagination with emotion to improve his game and better his chances leading into the competition.

“Andy called me and said ‘Deb, I’ve got something big coming up and I need your help Now!’” Deborah said. “Of course, he couldn’t tell me any details about what he was doing or where he was going, but I knew from the tone of his voice that Andy was serious about being at the top of his game technically, mentally and emotionally. So we started training immediately.”

Walker, a 1997 member of NCAA Champions Pepperdine University Golf Team and former Nationwide Tour player, frequently states that golf is 95 percent mental, but most of the time, golfers spend 95 or 100 percent of their time focusing on the technical aspects of the game. He is a contestant on Golf Channel’s signature reality show debuting Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9 PM Eastern.

“Working with Deborah allowed me for the first time in my career to play free. It allowed me to trust my skills and not have any walls up in my game,” Walker said. “There were a lot of techniques that Deborah taught me and I saw immediate results. The first time I used her ClearEDGE techniques was in competition on the Big Break. I felt more confident, calm and clear headed. Deborah is my 15th club, and we can all use an extra club in our bag!”

Walker, whose home golf courses are The Legacy Golf Resort and The Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, will be hosting a Big Break Premiere Party September 20, starting at 5:15 PM, at Gallagher’s Sports Grill on 32nd Street and Baseline. He is excited to share his experience with family, friends, supporters and some current and past golf students. Dubree will be on hand to see the results of their working together for the first time.

The winning combination of Walker’s technical skills and Dubree’s mental and emotional strength conditioning is now being offered through private lessons, teams, group clinics and well as corporate events under the newly formed alliance The Players DevelopMENTAL Academy, which can be found at:

“Big Break Ireland,” produced in cooperation with Tourism Ireland, will feature a cast of six men and six women competing against each other in an attempt to realize their lifelong dreams of playing alongside the world’s top golfers. The male or female winner will be awarded two tournament exemptions from the four exemptions up for grabs, which represent events on the LPGA, European Tour and Ladies European Tour. The winner also will receive a host of other prizes.

About Deborah Dubree
Dubree gained a unique perspective on business by beating the odds during her climb up the ladder of success from answering the phones as an inexperienced receptionist to Owner and CEO of a $20 million commercial construction company, all with only a high school diploma. Later Deborah sold her company and stepped away from her CEO position to form ClearEdge, LLC. Her “No BS” raw and real ClearEDGE Method™ provides easy to learn mental and emotional strength conditioning routines that immediately improve performance results during training and in the game. She attributes her own elite performance and success to using the same methods she now shares with her players in golf and football. Through ClearEDGE, Dubree works directly with athletes one-on-one or in groups, and in person or on the phone. She works in partnership with agents, trainers, coaches, schools and leagues to ensure consistent elite performance. For more information visit or contact Deborah Dubree at 480-212-1909.

For more information about Dubree, contact Ken Reinstein at 480-510-9762 or

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