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3 ClearEDGE Clients Sign with NFL Teams!

Elite Performance Expert Deborah Dubree Prepped Players For Pro Days

PHOENIX – (July 27, 2011) – NFL teams signed three clients of ELITE Performance Expert Deborah Dubree yesterday.

Agent Jerry Marlatt, President of First Team Sports Group in Dallas, knew the value that mental and emotional strength conditioning could offer his players in preparing them for 2011 Pro Days. He teamed up with ClearEDGE president Deborah Dubree to work with three of his players and all three are now signed by NFL teams.

Newly signed NFL players are:

  • Donald Buckram, a running back from University of Texas-El Paso, signed by the Cleveland Browns
  • Bront Bird, a middle linebacker from Texas Tech, picked up by the San Diego Chargers
  • James Kirkendoll, a wide receiver from the University of Texas, signed with the Tennessee Titans

“It’s not about talent at this level, everyone is talented,” Dubree stated. “These guys learned how to ‘Tame and Train their B.E.A.S.T.™.’ They managed their mental game and emotional stress under pressure at critical moments, each stayed focused and performed at their competitive best. I’m really proud of them.”

After working with Dubree, Kirkendoll ran a 4.32 40-yard dash, compared to his goal of 4.40. And, his broad jump of 11 feet was the third best of all players across the country during NFL Pro Days.

“Deborah Dubree is a life-changer. What she taught me is legit and I’m going to continue to use it for the rest of my life. I’m living proof that it works,” Kirkendoll said.

Dubree began working with Marlatt after the two met in Indianapolis during NFL Combine.

“Deborah’s sessions with three of my clients this spring were invaluable in achieving optimal performance at critical events leading up to the NFL draft,” Marlatt said. “Each achieved significantly better than anticipated results, and her methods gave them the confidence and tools required to maximize their talents. The results speak for themselves with all three players now signed to NFL teams. Working with Deborah has been a pleasure as she has made herself available to me and my athletes 24/7. She is a dedicated professional and I highly recommend her services.”

As the founder of ClearEDGE, LLC, Dubree created the ClearEDGE Method™. It incorporates thirty years of study and application of the most advanced positive psychology, brain research and cutting-edge technology into routines that are easy to learn and reap immediate results, without the psychobabble. The ClearEDGE Method helps athletes:

  • stay focused even when they feel ticked off, upset or frustrated.
  • learn to trust themselves and their talent, so they play at their competitive best confidently and consistently.
  • quickly learn how to master their mind and emotions so they can bounce back immediately from performance errors, slumps and bad breaks.

“Congratulations to Donald, Bront and James for reaching their dreams of making it to the NFL,” Dubree stated. “Now our focus turns to making the roster! There are a lot of highly talented players sitting on the sidelines or in the stands that never make to the field because they don’t know how to manage their mind and emotions. I teach my clients how to take the extreme pressure they experience in the game and shift it so they can consistently perform at their competitive best.”

About Deborah Dubree
Dubree gained a unique perspective on business by beating the odds during her climb up the ladder of success from answering the phones as an inexperienced receptionist to Owner and CEO of a $20 million commercial construction company, all with only a high school diploma. Later Deborah sold her company and stepped away from her CEO position to form ClearEdge, LLC. She attributes her elite performance and success to using the same exact methods she now shares with her athletes. Through ClearEDGE, Dubree works directly with athletes one-on-one or in groups, and in person or on the phone. She works in partnership with agents, trainers, coaches, schools and leagues, under strict confidentiality rules and does not interfere with coaches’ and trainer’s routines. Instead, the ClearEDGE Method provides easy to learn mental strength conditioning routines that immediately improve performance during training and in the game. Dubree has presented programs across the United States and internationally, and is available as a speaker for meetings, conferences, mini-camps and more. For more information visit

For more information about Dubree, contact Ken Reinstein at 480-510-9762 or

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