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Why Deborah

Top Six Reasons Why You Can Trust Deborah
to Deliver Value to Your Group

Deborah uses the right mix of learning, laughing and real-life experiences to deliver a content-rich, entertaining and motivational keynote.  If you’re looking for a speaker whose style is high impact and engaging then Deborah is perfect for your next event.
Reason #1 Deborah presents programs that produce lasting bottom line results.

As the previous owner and CEO of a $20 million company, Deborah understands the importance of ensuring tangible results. Her talks are not a bunch of fluff and philosophy. Your attendees walk away with techniques they can implement immediately and strategies for lasting change.
Reason #2 Deborah’s interactive presentations keep everyone involved.

Passively sitting and listening is boring. Deborah engages participants in timely exercises that promote the opportunity to immediately anchor in the techniques they learned. Participants discover how and when they can easily and effectively implement mental discipline in their careers and daily routines.
Reason #3 Deborah draws from a diverse background of personal and professional experience.

Audiences love her stories and anecdotes from real life experiences.  They bring valuable and practical messages along with steps for immediate implementation. She doesn’t simply teach you how to retrain your brain,  she has practiced the practical applications of neuroscience and high level performance in her own life first! Deborah worked her way up the corporate ladder, while successfully raising two children as a single mom.  She thrived in a male-dominated industry of construction. Travels around the world seeking adventure and life experiences add to Deborah’s unique perspective. They include: driving a NASCAR style racecar 124 miles per hour, cage diving with great white sharks, balloon ride over the migrations in Africa, kayaking white water rapids, hill jumping motorcycles, and much more.
Reason #4 Deborah customizes your program to make it timely and relevant.

She offers to interview a few of your attendees to identify their specific needs, issues and desired results. This helps her deliver a program that engages attendees and inspires active participation, which leads to increased application of techniques on and off the field of play.
Reason #5 Deborah and her team are responsive and responsible.

We understand the pressure you’re under. We pride ourselves in making your job easier by doing our job right the first time. Deadlines are met, calls are returned within 24 hours and materials and agreements are submitted promptly.
Reason #6 Deborah fully shows up for your attendees . . . not for her.

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