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If You Want to WIN . . . You Need to Play By The Rules

When playing any sport . . . it’s imperative to know the rules of the game. An elite player will study the rules and know how to use them for his advantage. If you don’t . . . you are going to get penalized. You lose yardage, get thrown in the penalty box or you are charged with an error. You could cost your team the win!

No matter what – you WILL pay the price of not knowing the rules or playing by the rules. The consequences are yours to live with.

The same is true when it comes to knowing your Rules of Your Mind. If you want to win in sports and in the game of life . . . you need to understand the rules that your mind plays by. Then use that these rules to excel your performance.

Those who don’t play by the rules of their mind – LOSE!

They lose their temper. They lose their focus. They lose the ability to perform consistently. And ultimately they lose their self-respect.

Rule #1: Your Mind Is Like a 5-Year Old

4 Rules You MUST Know to Perform at Your Ultimate Best

  1. Easily distracted by shiny objects
    • When left unattended your mind will wander and wonder about anything that draws its attention. And in nano-seconds its on to the next shiny object
  2. Will pout, retreat or rebel when yelled at
    • Think about it – when you yell at yourself – your mind either shuts down, can’t think straight or will lash out in a tirade to prove its point
  3. Craves attention
    • Simply begin to ‘notice’ or become aware of what you are thinking
    • Don’t make it good or bad . . . it’s just a signal
    • Determine if it’s a thought you want to continue and if so, expand your thinking
    • Or if it’s a thought that is damaging, keeping you from moving forward or reaching your immediate or long term goal. Change it!
      • Redirect it
      • Make another thought more important and more powerful
    • Thoughts are energy! Nothing more. Not good or bad. They are simply signals that something is up.
  4. Loves being praised
    • When we praise ourselves for doing even the smallest things right, our mind “lights up” (just like a 5-year old does) and remembers how to create even more success.

Think about the “Rules” next time . . .

BEFORE you start to ‘bully yourself’ into a poor performance!

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