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Deborah M. Dubree
Founder & CEO:    ClearEdge, LLC
Mental Discipline for ELITE Athletes
Elite Performance Expert
Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Practical and Experienced

Whether you succeed in business or sports, you start at the bottom and must be focused and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the top. Tenacious and gutsy, Deborah gained a unique perspective on business during her climb up the ladder of success from answering the phones as an inexperienced receptionist to owning and running a $20 million commercial construction company, all with only a high school diploma.  Just like an ELITE athlete, Deborah knows what it takes to work hard, set goals and reach them.

learEdge, LLC –
Where Neuroscience Meets Sports©

Later Deborah sold her company and stepped away from her CEO position to form ClearEdge, LLC. She offers her skills as a certified coach and consultant, as well as through keynotes and development programs. With a unique blend of experience, insights and vision, it is Deborah’s philosophy and mission to help athletes, coaches and executives exceed their expectations by harnessing their potential.
Deborah incorporates a practical application of neuroscience, and power of language, in a very pragmatic way, without the psychobabble. Bottom line is a repeatable, sustainable system of success! Athletes have skills, dedication, experience, intelligence, willingness and the all the best equipment and coaching. The missing element is consistent routines to manage their mind and emotions, so they can focus on what’s important and block out all the rest, even under extreme pressure

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A hard-hitting challenge. Accepting average is accepting failure. You’re better than THAT!

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