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Stop the Crisis .  You felt invincible. Now everything has changed!

You’re desperate to have back what you once had. The world is not neutral and bad news escalates at lightning speed. Right or wrong doesn’t matter. The truth is lost between the tweets, text messages and news reports.  Everything you’ve worked so hard for is in jeopardy. Left unchecked it can bury your career, your legacy and YOU!

You pace around thinking, “I can’t believe this. What the hell just happened? This is all out of control!” Add in your emotions. You feel combinations of fear, anger, frustration and much more.  You lash out or lash in at yourself. Your mind spins with thoughts of, “What am I going to do now?”

Don’t let crisis eat away at your dreams, your hopes and your ability do what you do best – your sport. Stop it from draining away your time, money and energy.

Deborah will help you immediately drop the justifications, excuses, blaming and complaining that only weaken you and ruin your game. Instead, learn to regain your self-discipline, composure, dignity and self-assurance. Focus on what’s relevant and disregard the rest. You can get back to winning – NOW!

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Elite Performance: Subtle distinctions to go from among the best to one of the Elite

Consistent – Confident – Committed . . . to Excellence

You want more! You’re not willing to settle for “good enough” or being “among the best.” It’s time for you to break through the pack and take the lead. You’re daring and nothing can stop you.

You are smart. You know that hard work, talent, skill, and a body built for strength, endurance and speed are not enough. You have to train your brain and manage your emotions to consistently perform at the highest level!

Imagine you can:

  • Focus on what’s important and block out all the rest, even under extreme pressure
  • Just play at your very best, consistently and with a high degree of self-confidence
  • Trust yourself and your talent. You commit and successfully execute time after time
  • Have specific tools to conquer stress and frustration on demand
  • Quickly bounce back from setbacks, bad breaks, slumps and injuries

Clear your mind, E-magine your best possible outcome, pump yourself up and win

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I believe in you and I believe in me.
I know and understand how important your goals are to you.
I hold you accountable to yourself to ensure you achieve what you set out to accomplish.
We go through the process and celebrate success together.

It is truly a success team focused on YOU!

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